Not my voice!

Posted: January 19, 2013 in Home

Steve has suggested
“It might (or equally might not) be interesting to write a draft with no virtuoso imagery, just a purely comprehensible line of thought.”
but I have decided it’s not my voice to be honest; I love puns and word play too much to give up my pyrotechnics – it does not sound like me to me!

So this is the unadorned version:-

We went to see the psychic show at Blackfriars
ready for a laugh at the credulous audience.
But in the bar during the interval we talked about
the hows and whys of what we’d seen.Wonders?
Miracles? Speculated about research and fakery,
decided we’d only be convinced if he picked us out,
and so he did. He knew the impossible and said
the unthinkable. I had always been a cynic;
my world was dust and ashes, home to clever monkeys.
I needed tangible proof to believe, just like
Doubting Thomas who pushed his fingers into
the wounded side of the resurrected Christ.

For days my reality was shaken. All my dead lined up
and I was searching for some hint of an afterlife, something
to believe. Had I been stupid, with a brain that didn’t know
true from false? Were all the tears I cried for my dead father,
dead babies, over those years for nothing? Had I let my fear
of death and nothingness ruin my life and stifle my belief?
Was there a tiny chance that there was something after all?


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