Version 1 of my pamphlet for the seminar on 27th February

Posted: February 19, 2013 in Home

This is version 1; it is not the final version (well, I don’t think it is). I hope the pdfs I have inserted load OK, please let me know!

I am hoping to add more poetry to replace some of the found poetry/illustrations but I wanted to order a copy from Lulu to see how it looks and what changes to make to layout etc. so I filled the 32 pages with everything I have got so far.

I got the printed pamphlet today 19th Feb; it was ordered on 11th Feb and only cost £8.76 which included first class delivery. It looks OK, there are a couple of formatting issues, I also forgot to add page numbers and a contents page :(.

Two pages have a faint stripe so I have had a moan about that and am waiting for Lulu to get back to me. Also the perfect bound spine seems a bit flimsy. – update, Lulu has repeated my order free of charge and with enhanced trackable shipping, so their customer service is good.

It is very cheap though and I think the actual pamphlet (as a physical thing) looks quite good.

I changed the cover but I still don’t know whether I prefer my rats in trouble cover picture… see pics below…

13642374_cover lulu 2

final_version_11_02_13 downloaded from lulu

dolly lulu cover image 2_edited-4

rats in trouble lulu cover image 2_edited-1


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