The Black Path Issue 1

Posted: April 28, 2013 in Home


a5_template with sample content

Talking about The Black Path


LULU – Cost for a  52 page a5 book is £8.47 each for a perfect bound book with a colour cover and colour inside and  with a free ISBN

(There are quantity discounts apparently)

We can choose a free reach option which will list it for sale on Amazon

This would give us a full colour cover, using Steve’s illustration

Inside there would be

a title page and copyright page

Contents page, blank page

Our material would start on a right hand page, and there would be 3 pages each plus a page each for an illustration, 4 pages in all, x 12, 48 pages

Then a  page (or two) at the back for our  biographical details


I think the easiest thing is to use the LULU A5 template, with a Sylfaen font, size 11, which I have inserted above – this saves having to worry about converting A4 to A5, as you will be able to see exactly how your contribution will look in the final booklet. Then I can change it into an A5 PDF to upload to LULU really easily.

I have tried the template for text, poetry and a picture and think it looks good (this is also above as A5  template with sample content), and then if you put your work directly into this template with this size font it is also certain to fit in the anthology.


Anything you are happy to have published that will fit in the 3 pages – poetry, flash fiction, short story, whatever. It can be new stuff, stuff from your portfolios, pieces from the seminars whatever.

Also all illustrations are welcome, but each has to fit on an A5 page and must not have any copyright issues

Plus I will need a short biography to put in at the end.


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