The Black Path 1 and 2 – ideas to consider

Posted: May 4, 2013 in Home

We probably need to review the anthology in the light of the new info as a page of prose is only 340 words in Sylfaen 11 in A5

We could have The Black Path 1, The Fiction Issue

deadline mid May,  out in June

LULU – cost for a 100 page book, A5, perfect bound, black and white printing with a full  colour cover and a free ISBN is only £2.95. That would give us 8 pages each with a word count of up to 27oo words which is room for a longish story, or a couple of shorter stories, or lots of flash fiction – and extra pages would not make much difference as the cost is so low (200 pages is only £4.45) so there is also scope for longer pieces…

and there are quantity discounts on 15 or more copies

Then The Black Path 2

deadline mid November, out in December could be the original format

LULU – Cost for a  52 page a5 book is £8.47 each for a perfect bound book with a colour cover and colour inside and  with a free ISBN





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