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And for the walls

They’ve only been given a bit of the palette
so it’s all pale green and underwater blue
and a tone between the two called pacify.

I’d have used hot terracotta
a blue as deep as southern oceans
the sharpness of lemon skins.

Maybe Cadmium, Bismuth,  Azo.
Hansa Yellow  Light.
Yellower than the sun.

Or maybe I’d just paint them red and


please do not use this door
there are chairs
or maybe people


Today I am Judas in a black coat
as I kiss you on the cheek and
show you the brochures


It is like a birth
bloody and undignified
stage follows stage




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I am driving where the ambulance has driven

though much more quietly of course.

And, as I drive, I greet the magpies that I pass

and ask about their families.  While rooks

arrange themselves in trees like books

on shelves.

At the hospital you are OK  but

the woman in the next bed is not so lucky.

The heart care nurse , the trauma nurse

and several doctors are crowding round her  X-ray.

And  they are laughing – not maliciously –

in the way you laugh when actually you’re shocked .

Apparently it’s a really odd aneurysm.

Like nothing they have ever seen before.

                    …….  and this one is a slightly older piece:-


It looks a bit like Munchausen’s by proxy
as three weeks in a row I’ve hurried in
to catch up with the ambulances and find out
how or if they are.

Twice it was my husband. This time
I found my mother dying in a chair. Paralysed
with pain, raging with infection and futile protests
that I’ve called three nines.

As if I could have left her, dry-mouthed,
with swollen legs patterned in weeping fractals.
Calling for my brother who is 132 miles away
in Surrey, not in this house.

The Black Path Issue 1 for lulu final 16.6.13

The Poetry of Waiting Rooms

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I’ve got to wait until the scabs drop

off then send them to



They’re not ready yet

If  I pull them off

they’ll leave a hole

The Black Path Issue 1 for lulu final 11.6.13

Well this is ready for tomorrow and I think it is either there or nearly there!