Getting there – Black Path 1 inside pages

Posted: June 7, 2013 in Home

The Black Path Issue 1 for lulu formatted not proofread 7.6.13 2nd save

The Black Path Issue 1 for lulu formatted not proofread 7.6.13

Well I am getting there!

Attached are PDF and word versions, so  I hope you will be able to proofread your own sections in the word document by enabling editing (and other parts if you see anything wrong) and also please comment on the formatting!  Please show what you have changed though!! Underline it or something… then I will enter the changes  and proof read the whole thing. I have got a line and a page number at the bottom of the page, I will try to get rid of that line unless you love it 🙂

I will change/add to the introduction , so do let me know what you would like to see in there/change etc etc

If you have some  special fonts – like Rosie – please check these are as you want them to be, as I am not sure what was intended so have tried not to meddle!

I need contact details for the biography section please –  e-mail and web site info.

I have got both collaborative pieces in.

Some of you are under represented, eg Cassie – so do feel free to add some more  material! It is still going to come in well under the cost of the 32 page full colour pamphlet we were going to do, which was £5.77… At the moment at approx 124 pages it is £4.43, and 148 pages only cost £4.96 and so on, so there is no real rationale for not including all that you want.


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