Poetry of Hospitals and Waiting Rooms

Posted: July 7, 2013 in Home
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The sky is faultless geometered blue.
I won’t call it cerulean because that’s too dark.
I like the sound of mazarine but that is all.
Perhaps a watered manganese?
Or Old Holland’s B259 blue-grey. (Of course
it’s not sky-blue, it never is.).

Nothing is right. Try #ccffff color hex,
#caelff (a light steel blue), no # f0f8ff.
That’s Alice blue, a blue that’s pared to silver
though it is a summer’s day where you would
expect more of it.

And you, you. You are attacking vegetables,
amd dragging wood around, and hurling it
down with a vibrating thump. And now I see
you sawing something, slogging in the sun’s grip.


…..and now


Wimbledon is over and Andy has really

come good for us.

He is on the ground kissing the grass.

And now you have taken a kite and a camera out.


I picture your face turned up to that sky

while it takes pictures

of Westgate Wood and the Sir Joseph Banks Country Park


ticking round 360 degrees in 3 second




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