Where do poems come from

Posted: January 13, 2014 in Home
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This poem came out of a writing exercise at Lincoln Creative Writing – creative writing and poetry workshops  http://lincolnshirepoetry.co.uk/  (It meets on  the third Sunday of each month at 2pm at The Victoria Inn, 6 Union Road, Lincoln  LN1 3BJ)

It is an interesting group as it is workshop based, rather than a venue for reading work.

I went in November 2013 for the first time. We all made a list of words but we did not get our own, so  I was given three random things to write about : my inner self, Winston Churchill and the circus, and did not think I could do much with them.  Eventually this poem developed (after drafts with Winston Churchill as a mad ringmaster, riding a a snarling tiger).

Big top


The smell of animals
and the rictus grins
of clowns with
Gacy faces.
on the receptive surfaces
of eggs and
kept in secret cupboards.

They are not amused.

The ringmaster smiles
like  nightmares and
rides upon a tiger, which snaps
its head from
side to side.
Its eyes are yellow
as its fur.
And the clowns upend buckets
of paper accusations at the audience
to run


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