Tarot imagery for MA collaboration

From the bottom upwards these are images from 4 tarot decks;
Motherpeace, Tarot of Trees, don’t know the name of the third one, and the final one is the
traditional Waite deck. They run backwards, sorry! I’m still grappling with the gallery function.

I think the different styles and interpretations are interesting, and might feed into the poetry – don’t know yet as all I have done so far is to scan these in:)

waite4 - 0004


waite2 - 0002


p4 - 0004



page3 - 0003

page2 - 0002

page1 - 0009

Motherpeace Tarot16-19

Motherpeace Tarot 12-15

Motherpeace Tarot 8-11

Motherpeace Tarot 4-7

Motherpeace 0-3

Motherpeace 0-3


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