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South Holland Open Exhibition

Posted: March 9, 2015 in Home


Really pleased to get letter this week informing me that I have had a painting selected for the South Holland Open Exhibition. It looks like a great venue and hopefully my painting will stand up well along side the larger more abstract work. This presents another problem, which is getting the painting framed on time.

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South Holland Open Arts Exhibition today in Spalding. Pleased to have 2 pieces chosen for the exhibition.







‘Fairy control’ to halt tiny doors in Somerset woods

So sad! Children are children for such a short time.

When I went to see my son and his wife in Ann Arbor we spotted these, so they went in my MA dissertation pamphlet behind the glass.

little doors
The Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor,  MI*

The tiny doors are just the height
for the scurried pitter patter
of people, mouse-size,
disappearing into a mystery
of blind interiors. Of course
they are a kindly joke.

Yet who can blame the children
for their bright attentions.
They still hold their glittering
imaginings and can turn them
to and fro, look in and through
them to a place that cannot be.

So they place their tributes on
the steps, sweets, toys,
incantations on paper folded
to the size of secrets.
Offerings to the world.
Reality can wait a little longer.

*The Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor, MI are a series of small doors that are a type of installation art found in Ann Arbor, MI,_MI